Patient-Centered Medical Home

Our Patients Come First

At Family Circle of Care, our patients come first. Our top priority is to make your health care experience the best it can be. This is why the entire Family Circle of Care team is working together to coordinate and improve the way you receive care – from our clinics to home care – by implementing the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) as our primary care model.

What is Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Patient-Centered Medical Home is an initiative to improve primary care for the patients and communities we serve. We are doing this by focusing on the distinct role of each team member and how each position helps our team meet and exceed your expectations and unique health care needs.


You are at the center of everything we do, which is why our goal is to provide care that is accessible, convenient, coordinated and effective.

Medical Home

The relationship you have with your primary physician is important to your health and wellbeing, which is why your primary care clinic is your “Medical Home.” At your medical home, a team of health care professionals are familiar with your unique health care needs, help coordinate with other providers when needed and take responsibility for providing efficient and effective care for each and every patient.

Goals of PCMH

PCMH uses a coordinated care approach to guarantee you receive the best health services available – in the clinic, or from the comfort of your own home. Family Circle of Care is focusing on several key areas to positively impact the overall care and health each patient receives, including:

Enhanced Collaboration

By increasing collaboration among each patient’s’ clinical team, we will improve patient care and health tracking. We follow your care wherever it takes you, from tests referrals to procedures and back. Your medical home will always have access to your health records and test results found on your electronic medical records.

Strengthen Patient-Provider Relationship

As your medical home, your primary clinic will be your go-to source for all your medical needs. This will allow each member of the team to become more familiar with your unique and ongoing health conditions and will strengthen the relationship you have with your primary provider.

A medical home will also allow our team to provide more personalized care that is coordinated more efficiently, improving outcomes and decreasing cost.

Enhanced Access to Care

We know health care needs don’t always occur at a convenient time, which is why we are committed to enhancing access to your medical information and medical advice, even after hours.

Provide Preventative Care and Resources

Using evidence-based guidelines, Family Circle of Care will plan and manage your care – from preventative to acute and chronic care management. Our team will also provide self-care support and community resources that will assist you and your family with learning how to best manage your health.

Increased Accessibility with MyChart

To provide higher levels of accessibility, MyChart gives you access to health care advice and information 24/7. On MyChart, you can request appointments, review medical records, refill prescriptions, view lab results and communicate with your primary care team through secure messaging. MyChart

Roles of PCMH Team

By focusing on each distinct role of your clinical team, Family Circle of Care will be able to provide more efficient effective care. The strength of your medical team depends on a few key building blocks:

• Accessible: Patients will have increased accessibility to medical care and advice through expanded hours, phone support and electronic communication.

• Comprehensive: Each service provided is tracked throughout the patient’s entire path, from tests to referrals and through transition of care, and entail physical and mental health care needs and preventative care.

• Coordinated: Care is organized across the entire Family Circle of Care health care system.

• Quality: Performance is tracked to monitor how we are delivering overall patient care to enhance quality and determine improvement areas.

Coordinated Care at Family Circle of Care

The coordinated care approach at Family Circle of Care guarantees you receive the best care and services available. In the clinic or in the comfort of your own home.

• Electronic medical records and charting means your information is accessible by all Family Circle of Care providers. Patients can access their outpatient appointments, labs and test results through the MyChart patient portal.

• Family Circle of Care offers prevention services, screenings and wellness education programs to arm you with the knowledge and skills you need to live a healthy, happy life. Your health is our priority.

What Patient-Centered Medical Care Means to You

Patient-Centered Medical Home is part of a national initiative to improve primary care. Family Circle of Care is adopting the Patient-Centered Medical Home model to make your primary care experience the best it can be. We are focusing on several key areas to positively impact your overall care and health:

• Enhance access and continuity of care – Your health care needs don’t always occur at a convenient time, so we are committed to providing access to information and expert help in a variety of ways to meet your needs whether during or after hours.

• Plan and manage your care – We use evidence-based guidelines for preventative, acute and chronic care management, including medication management.

• Provide self-care support and community resources – We provide information, tools and resources to assist you and your family with learning how to manage your care.

• Track and coordinate care – We follow your care wherever it takes you, from tests to referrals and through transitions of care.

• Measure and improve performance – We track how your care is improving and how we are delivering overall patient care and experience for continuous quality improvements.

Our dedicated healthcare professionals believe that the needs of every patient come first. We understand that communication is the key to providing quality, organized care. That’s why at Family Circle of Care, every stage of your care is guided by your primary physician, with your individual needs our first priority. This collaboration of care ensures that every professional involved in your treatment is familiar with your medical history, current level of health and future goals.